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We are always looking for community volunteers who are willing to serve a term on the EAUF board. If you have an interest in serving on a non-profit board and learning more about the services that are provided to our community, please let us know of your interest. We would be pleased to have you on board.


One of the most fulfilling opportunities that one finds is the opportunity to serve those who are in need. If your student organization--Student Council, Key Club, Sorority or Fraternity--would like to make an impact upon the larger community, please consider sponsoring some type of fund-raiser that supports the work of the EAUF. We are all in this together!


We are fortunate to have so many wonderful agencies in our community that serve the needs of many. You can make your students aware of the important work that is done and at the same time, teach them the importance of community service. We encourage you to bookmark the EAUF site and visit it frequently. We will try our best to make the community aware of ways that we can all be of service to our neighbors.

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