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Many of our local programs depend on Eureka Area United Fund contributions to fulfill their mission. We depend on the generosity of our friends and neighbors to meet those needs. No amount is too small, but generally one’s “fair share” is considered to be one hour’s pay per month. The Eureka Area United Fund challenges the members of the Eureka area to contribute their “fair share” to those agencies serving the needs of our community.


Here is how your dollars go to work for the people of our communities.


I.   Youth Programs


Community Youth & Recreation (CEGCYRA) - Provides sporting programs for youth in our area. ($500 pledged)


EUREKA CUSD 140 Early Childhood Education Program - Provides developmentally appropriate education to children ages 3-5 years old residing within the CUSD140 district. ($2,000 pledged)


Girl Scouts of Central Illinois – Provides subsidies to membership fees so that all area girls, regardless of financial barriers, can participate and develop leadership skills. ($400 pledged)

U. of I. Woodford Extension – Helps young people learn individual accountability, responsibility, leadership development and community involvement through its 4-H program. Also offers summer activities through Camp Clover providing educational, hands-on experiences for area youth. ($1,600 pledged)


II. Senior Citizens Programs


Meals on Wheels-Eureka – Delivering hot, nutritious meals to elderly and disabled persons in their homes. ($2,000 pledged)

III.  Special Needs

American Red Cross – Provides a vital blood program, health and safety classes, military family assistance, and is available 24 hours a day for disaster relief. ($800 pledged)

Heartline – Serves as an inter-church, county-wide network for information and referral on problems and needs ranging from financial to medical to psychological. ($4,000 pledged)

Heart House – Serves homeless persons/families by providing shelter, food, clothing, transportation, and help in contacting appropriate agencies for assistance. ($4,000 pledged)

Salvation Army – Administered out of the Heart House, providing food, clothing, housing and transportation assistance to local families. ($800 pledged)

IV.  Human Services

ADDWC – Supports individuals with disabilities and their families of Woodford County in achieving success in life. ($3,000 pledged)

Center for Prevention of Abuse – Provides services and support to child and adult victims of elder abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence, and educates the public concerning these matters. ($1,000 pledged)

Center for Youth and Family Solutions - Provides social welfare programs to all who need it, regardless of religion or race. Adoption, foster homes, problem pregnancies, & confidential care for expectant mothers are among the services delivered. ($800 pledged)

FamilyCore – Counseling families and persons of all ages with problem situations; offering foster children placement and adoption programs. ($800 pledged)

Mended Hearts Center – provides counseling services through equine-assisted therapy. ($900 pledged)

Tazwood Center for Wellness– Offers individual, group, and family therapy. Works with the court system to provide assistance in cases involving domestic violence, DUI, and the First Offenders Teen Drug Abuse Program. ($2,800 pledged)

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