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The Bylaws of the Eureka Area United Fund require that a board of community volunteers conducts the work of the organization. This includes the solicitation of an appeal to community groups; the evaluation of proposals submitted; the conducting of interviews with agencies on a periodic basis, the setting of a campaign budget, and finally the conducting of an annual fund-raising drive.

For several years now, our board has included membership from students at Eureka High School and Eureka College. We believe that the fresh perspective provided by youthful board members makes even more clear the needs that are faced by so many in our community. We have long realized that the level of un-met needs in our community is great, and we strive toward the day when our campaigns can satisfy the pressing needs faced by our local agencies.


Members of the EAUF Board:


Junius Rodriguez, President

Liz Danner, Vice President

Dana Wherley, Treasurer

Diana Nichols, Secretary

Caitlynn Bane

Darci Beachy

Stephanie Bishop

Susan Bressner

Dennis Capretz

Joe Cunningham

Chris Hughes

Dawn Maloney

Janelle Perry

Rebecca Rossman

Bill Schulz


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